Before you say anything, just take a look at this photo and tell me you wouldn’t eat it:

It looks decadent, right?

Ok, maybe decadent isn’t the word, but it sure was tasty!

I needed something fast and filling last night. And I ended up eating 18 points worth of my 29 points 😉 I had a bowl of cereal first, and then ate two of these quesadillas (they are 5 pts ea.).

I aptly buttered a skillet, tossed a corn tortilla at the bottom and listened to a sizzle. And smelled butter cooking. Mmmm.

Then I layered 1/5 c. of cheese, followed by a flower-ette of thinly sliced apples (I left the skin on but you could peel the apple first. Whatevs.).

And I seasoned: with a little pepper and a little cardamom. And then I put a little bit more cheese on the top (to hold in the apples when I flipped).

And stuck em on a plate.

For two quesadillas, I used half an apple. And the other half? I stuck on my plate to eat. The pink goo you see is a concoction of 1/4 c. sour cream mixed with a generous shake of flavored salsa (green tomatillo and sun-dried tomato would be superb fyi.  Unfortunately all I had was discounted Aldi generic…). And mixed together, dolloped on, and eaten.

YUM. Try it before you dis it! Really 😀 One more successful Scavenged Dinner ftw!