I love a good bakery-crocked danish as much as the next guy. But I really like a homemade one. In fact, as I write this, we have three left at home, and I plan on laying claim to them the minute I get back…

I’ll warn you upfront: This isn’t the easiest of pastry recipes to make. It takes two days, patience, and a well-heated oven. I saw it first on The Frugal Girl‘s website, and she got it from this recipe at Taste of Home. I’ve now made it twice, and both have come out different, but delicious (and the second time was due to my new refrigerator freezing the dough. *ahem*).

Since you’ve got a link to two versions of this recipe, I’ll spare you my own version (which was copied by Kristen’s!). But I’ll let you see some of my process (the pictures are pretty!).

Six cookie sheets worth of dough rising in little twists.

Risen with cherry pie filling in the center.

Did I mention I made these late at night? So there was virtually no light in my kitchen. But it sure felt cozy.

The best part about baking them is getting to drizzle the sugar concoction over the tops. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and when you take them off the pan? No one sees the dribbles anyway!

Flakey goodness. Is good. Truly.

They even look delicious in the carrier. And I might have gotten a stare or two on the way to work.

And perhaps one person stopped me and asked if I was a baker. I bake; therefore, I am a baker.

But I politely told her it was just a hobby.

Go make these if you are so inclined with yeast. It’s virtually impossible to ruin the dough (it defrosts really well!). 🙂