We started painting our bedroom this weekend. Friday we taped it off (probably unnecessary), Saturday we painted the ceiling and walls (hate ceilings), and Sunday DH painted the doors and radiator cover, and touched up some of the gray paint that came off from the tape. We got home last night from epic errand running, and didn’t do anything. So now we’re determined to finish the trim in the bedroom, paint the radiator itself, and put the room back in order so we can stop sleeping in the spare bedroom.

We’ve decided to go on a rotating schedule with the room painting. We’re going to try painting three rooms a month, with one weekend to just rest and do nothing. We’ll see how burnt out we get and how this works. I worry with the bigger rooms, we’ll need more than just a few days.

We’ve agreed that once the room gets painted, we’re going to “finish” it. We’ll actually hang pictures, toss out old stuff, get curtains up, and buy whatever we need to make it complete. Hoping to make this apartment our long-lived one…..so everyone must come visit us ๐Ÿ˜‰

To “finish” the bedroom, I bought two white rugs on Overstock.com, and then 4white curtain panels from Bed, Bath and Beyond. We’re going to paint a wooden frame that we have white that has a world poster in it, then hang it in the bedroom. Yay for already owning these!

When we went grocery shopping last night, DH bought a ton of pickling cucumbers. And fresh dill. He was only going to get a couple, but the cost of making one jar? Was the same as buying a jar of pickles. So he bought A LOT. And we pickled: cucumbers, jalapenos, celery, carrots. We now have 10 jars of this stuff sitting in the fridge pickling! (the jars were all free. I’ve been saving them as we use up tomato sauce, salsa, or anything else with a lid!).

I burnt my finger by pouring boiling the boiling vinegar mixture into the pickle jars. Only three blisters formed, and my finger is still red this morning. But I think I’ll survive ๐Ÿ˜‰

In three more days, I’ll have been with my company for a year. I’ve been gainfully employed for a year. Isn’t that unbelievable? I don’t think I’ll ever take working for granted.

We painted the bedroom a nice Silver Threads by Olympic gray:

Silver Threads

The next room will be the dining room and I’m thinking one of these colors (HELP ME PICK!):

Crocodile Tearsย Crocodile Tears C12-3

I am having a hard time committing to Weight Watchers. I think it’s because I’ve gotten to a look that I like. But this past week was a struggle. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted (which, again, included an entire pizza). I’ve got 2-3 lb. left to lose until I ย make goal and I need to stick with it! Any advice on how to make it easier? (My advice for myself: Keep all bags of chips and candy out of the house!).

I need to get started on better money management. A lot of things are new to me, financially speaking, now that I’m married. DH is on my insurance (money taken out for that), my 403b started (money out for that), I need to start a personal savings account (same), and then a joint savings account (same), there’s Christmas savings (same), and more. All of this is uncharted territory to me and I’m not handling it well. I think November 1 is a good time to start figuring things out. October let me see what things were going to be like and what I could anticipate.

I started Christmas shopping! Yay! And so far have things for two people. Lots of people will be getting homemade things โค

Btw: my white hairs are in abundance now. Thinking of letting them grow out for a while. Then DH can poke fun at my grannie self.