I gave you a little sneak peak in yesterday’s Random Monday post. But I wanted to make sure that you guys TRULY saw this thing for what it is. It’s not in tip top shape. From afar it looks good. But then you start getting up close… so there’s obviously something that needs to be done to it. And I may be leaning closer to painting it. But what color?

Here’s the cedar-ness in all of it’s glory:

(We did this getting it out of the car. Oops! It’s just Walnut veneer and will wood-glue in easily)

(Veneer, no veneer)

(the original seal: Standard Line, Cedar and Walnut Veneer, Chicago Screen Co.)

(As a comparison. To the right is our entryway table. This sucker is hugeeeee)

So now we just need to know where to put it, what to paint/restain it, and how much we want to keep it original. What would you do with/to this piece? (Keep in mind it cost us $45!).