As we were eating dinner on Wednesday night, one of my little beasts jumped up on our new dining chairs.

He was amused by the gorgeous blue Crate & Barrel placemats, as he had never seen one before (we didn’t own them until a fabulous and quite generous woman bought them for us!). And then he realized there were two. And felt a bit surrounded. So he may have muttered a word or two at it.

And he may have done a double-take when it talked back and scooted away.

So he reached out to give it a light tap.

And then realized we were moving them when they went back to their normal position.

So he just gave them “that look” and kept an eye on them for the rest of the meal. Watching. Waiting.

*Please note: We don’t let the cats ON the table. But we let them sit at the chairs while we monitor their behavior. They are SUPER cute, if you couldn’t glean that priceless bit of information from this post yourself ;p