If you are following me on Twitter (@FindingReese) and Facebook, you probably already know this. But for those of you who just check in on my blog….


I never weigh myself during the week, before the actual weigh-in day. But you know what? I did this time. Twice. I obsessed about seeing if my hard work paid off. And anticipating this big goal in life, I didn’t even WANT to eat dessert Saturday night 😉

Not only did I lose enough weight to make goal, but I went beyond it by a pound. I’m in the 130s now and I haven’t been at that, healthily, in years.

DH came with me to my Weight Watchers meeting on Sunday. A new Weight Watchers leader was there, and we got to bond at the scale over my accomplishment. She even started crying with me.

I didn’t really get to say what made me start Weight Watchers, or what made me decide this was the moment to lose weight, in the actual meeting. And thinking back on January 1 of this year, I’m having a hard time remembering what pushed me over the edge. I do know, though, that I was unhappy clothes shopping. Unhappy with how I looked in photos (I had just gotten my engagement proofs back and…. was less than pleased with the pictures of my back side). I wanted to make sure that I didn’t look like that in my wedding photos.

But why stop there? I didn’t want to start off my marriage unhealthily. DH means the world to me, and further more, I mean the world to an awful lot of people. I credit my Mom with helping me start off on the right foot in Wyoming. When her and I went to meetings together, I lost my first 22 lb. When we stopped? I gained them all back and then some. I wanted to show her I could do it, could be healthy, and I needed to be able to show any of my future kids that I could do it too.

It just meant an awful lot for me to take control of my body.

In July of this year I went off the plan. I was just too busy with Wedding things, work and trying to maintain some sort of social life, to go to meetings. Every Sunday morning I was exhausted. So once the wedding was over, I dragged myself back to my Weight Watchers meetings. When I went back at the end of September, I weighed in at the exact same weight as I had left. I knew that it was meant to be. That it was working. That even without thinking, I was adhereing to all the healthy lifestyle choices that Weight Watchers teaches.

It’s NOT just about weight loss. It’s about learning portion control. Eat this not that. Which foods are better choices to keep you full longer. The health benefits of certain foods. Ways to stay active to increase your health, your mind, your happiness.

There’s so much about Weight Watchers that I could speak of right now. But I won’t. I know you really came here to see my beloved before and after photos. So if you ever want any advice from me about what it took for me to lose 31 lb. and finally make goal, ask. It’s possible to lose weight without starving yourself. Without working out. Without making yourself miserable.

You just have to do this for YOU! 🙂 I did it for me because I’m worth it!

My “before” weight: 170 lb. (though this photo shows me at 162 lb.)

My “after” weight: 139 lb.