Oh friends, for the past two weeks I have been sacrificing my evenings so that I can better my living arrangements. Sure, our apartment is huge. And wonderful. Being on the top floor has really gotten rid of the majority of our neighbor problems (neighbors? Psh. We hardly see them now!). But the apartment was LESS than cute when we first moved in. Since we plan on staying in this huge honkin’ space for quite some time (granted the rent doesn’t skyrocket too much in the next 5 years–unlikely. I have a feeling it’s at its highest right now), we wanted to make sure we were comfortable.

Comfort to Reese = PAINTING.

The bedroom is wonderfully relaxing and seriously looks a million times better than it did before. We JUST finished painting the dining room and the color is growing on me! (seriously, whoever thought to paint flat off-white, skin-like colors on the walls and doors? Can bite me and get a swift kick in the unmentionables).

And while I work the rest of this week to get the dining room 100% complete and take pictures to post on here for all you lovely folks… I need to start thinking about our NEXT space.

The spare bedroom.

DH’s mom and pops will be staying with us one weekend in early December to attend the family Christmas Party/Family Reunion. Of COURSE they are more than welcome to stay in our spare bedroom that we never use and ultimately call it the cat-butt-box-room, or the storage room.

Making it our next project will ensure it finds a designation PRONTO.

So here’s what I’ve got in mind:

(This is not our room. This is a picture I found on the internet to depict the style I’m looking for!)


I’d like to add a little something-something to this room by painting it two different colors. All we’d have to do is go out and buy the middle molding pieces, paint em white, and tack em up (yes yes. Putty in the holes and make sure they’re straight too). This might be more work than what we want to do, but for now it sounds fun!

Here’s a preliminary color palette that I’d like to see (the colors in the box would be open to consideration for the bottom part):

(Sorry for the blurry colors… when you steal swatches from the Olympic paint website, it tends to do wonky things so the resolutions!)

As you can see… I haven’t QUITE figured out what I want in this room. I want it to be calming, like our bedroom. But I don’t want it to be girly, which is why I’m looking for a masculine calming color. Keep in mind that we have a silvery gray in the bedroom, orangey clay in the dining room, green in the entry way, lighter green in the living room, and a bright pop of yellow on one wall in the dining room.

With that colorful palette, what to make the spare bedroom?

What sayest you, dear readers? I always LOVE your input! (we won’t start on that room until next week as poor DH and I need a painting/fume break!).