I started Christmas shopping yesterday! Yes yes. I get that Christmas is overpowering Thanksgiving, that ya’ll just want to wait until AFTER Thanksgiving to devote equal time to each holiday. However! If you wait until after Thanksgiving to buy gifts? You will not only be facing mobs of people in stores (which means super long lines and less inventory to pick from!), but you’ll also only have roughly three weeks to buy everything. Since I like to personalize as much as possible, I need more than 3 weeks to buy for everyone on the list. SO. Christmas shopping really got into full swing yesterday!

I mailed the very last wedding Thank You today. I thought I had done it already, but turns out? I hadn’t addressed the envelope so it was still sitting in my stationery box. Oops. Yay we’re done!

Thank Yous…are touchy with me. I believe Thank Yous should be in abundance. However, they’re always sent so that the recipient will understand that whatever you received (gift, help, kind word, etc.) was appreciated. We sent out Thank You cards for two different things wedding-related: 1) All bridal party members got a gift and a card saying why we appreciated them/thanks, 2) all wedding guests who gave us a gift received a card signed with thoughts from me and DH. We did not send out Thank You cards to friends/family who did not give a gift though, as we believe the wedding was a big party that was as much for us as it was for guests. <–I don’t think just attending requires us to send out additional Thank Yous. Am I wrong?

We finished painting the dining room.Β It’s actually 100% done and we’ve been loving it ever since. It doesn’t look like our room… DH commented that it looks like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine. I like that comment πŸ˜‰ I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow so everyone can see! We’re going to clean up the entryway and living room tonight, then tomorrow we’ll start painting the living room. Our goal is to complete that room by Thanksgiving! (And then complete the spare bedroom by December 10!).

I feel better about painting the apartment now. I peeked through some of my neighbors windows (not like a creeper…I just looked out mine and into theirs…fair game if they don’t have curtains/blinds). The people across the courtyard from us have RED RED RED walls in their living room. BAM! We’re fine πŸ˜‰ We’re also going to live here forever–or until I can’t take the fact that our neighbors under us smoke. And our bedroom sometimes smells faintly of cigarettes. Blech.

Speaking of cigarettes….I had to move to a different spot on the bus this morning because a young man plopped down next to me and sent me into a fit of a migraine. He smelled awful–like someone soaked him in cigarettes and hung him to dry in the smoke after. He was a student at the University I work at, so I know he’s affluent and educated. But really? Do people who smoke become immune to the smell? I HATE this smell more than many other things in the world and try really hard to avoid it when I can. But he made the entire bus smell the moment he walked on.

A few months ago, I got four pieces tailored at a local dry cleaner. The tailoring on those four pieces ended up being more than $100. I was being cheap and declined to even take two of the pieces back (seriously… these pieces weren’t even worth that much). The other two items were dresses that meant alot to me, so I paid for the alterations. I’m wearing one of the dresses today and the hemline? Is significantly higher. To the point where I keep pulling down my dress at work. Next time I’m altering the items myself 😦 I feel like I need some thick tights on instead of panty hose.

I’ll be honest: I don’t really care about the Occupy Wallstreet movement. I don’t care much about the NBA lockout. I don’t care about the fuss of Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, and Joe Paterno. Sure, I have opinions on it all, but I don’t really care to hear everyone up in arms. What is taking my attention right now is…PEANUT BUTTER AND PUMPKIN SHORTAGES. This will be a long winter. (I know I know. I sound shallow. But the world is VERY serious sometimes and I can only handle so much of it… I need to pick and choose my battles and ^^those heavier items aren’t in my books).

I’m not pregnant. If I have the ultimate say, I won’t be (if some higher power deems me to be at any point, ok then. But now? No.). And I don’t think I’ll be at all ready to consider having kids for another, oh, 5 years. So now that that’s out of the way, no more questions about it. Ok? πŸ˜‰

I’m onto week 2 of maintenance with Weight Watchers this week. I only had a .2 gain, which means I’m still .8 under my goal weight. Perfect! They said whatever I’ve been doing is great and I need to keep that. Though I feel immense pressure. I’ll be a Lifetime member in 4 weeks… but I have to maintain my weight within 2 lb. of the goal (up or down). I feel like up? Yes. I can’t go over 142. But down? What’s it matter if I weigh 135 or 138? It’s under my goal!

Somebody please find me a) comfy shoes, b) jeans that fit.

That $100 allowance that DH and I each get at the start of each month? I used all mine this weekend. I still have more than two weeks to get through on zero spending money. *Sigh* I’m even a bit in debt because I had a 20% off coupon at a store that NEVER has coupons. So I bought a gift for someone for Christmas, then picked up two eyeliners for me (roughly $14 set back right now…). This $100 thing is hard. VERY hard. Next month I’m going to set better rules about what is personal spending and what’s not (I used $21 of mine on Weight Watchers point snacks. It’s food. Should food really be a personal expense? I’d think eye liners are!).

Dear me. How was your weekend?