Oh the controversial color. I went back and forth on this color sooo many times. I even changed the paint color at the store from this really brown-y green-y baby butt color to a dark olive. And then finally decided on Brown Clay.

Doesn’t it look scary? Pretty much we went from these really awful bland walls to vibrant color practically overnight. And I got scared. Cold feet. Almost thought about repainting the entire room and even wondered if I should repaint sections of it (like when I asked about the interior panels).

When we were looking for apartments to move into in June, this one caught my eye because of the sheer size. It’s huge. Easily twice as big as our last place and roughly the same price. But when we got the keys, the other tenants had moved all their crap out, and we finally saw what it looked like? My insides went cold and I wanted to cry. The walls were awful. The floors were in subpar shape (still are, but we hide it real well!). And things were broken/not cared for.

With elbow grease for the spots, caulk for some gaping holes, and a bit of paint, we’re slowlllllllly transforming the apartment into our long-term home (I’m even thinking beyond 5 years if all goes well with our situations and jobs…).

But let me not get ahead of myself..and let me just say that I’d like to at least enjoy the dining room for a few years. It’s just THAT fantastic.

Please excuse the photos. I was so excited to start/finish, that both of these sets of photos were taken at midnight. With limited light. Did I mention I was excited?



We looooove it! ❤ And things to take note: we just bought those extra three bookshelves (Two aren’t the same color, but can you tell?); we own a real grown-up set of dining room chairs and can have FOUR other people over to eat!; DH and I refinished that blue cabinet by ourselves (From a freecycled piece) and the front is a chalkboard that we’re currently tallying the kitties lives; I swear we aren’t alcoholics and the booze is pretty much just pretty or if we have guests! ;p