Apparently I take a lot of pictures at night.

Because all the pictures I’ve taken have been super dark with weird colors. So I apologize in advance for these photos. But WE’RE DONE YAY.

I do want to point out that because we have no ceiling lamp, light is an issue for us. We worried when we painted that the room would just become dark and dim. We have two lamps in here currently, and the option of adding one more. So to make the room brighter we got rid of the thermal blackout curtains and replaced them with see-through white linen. We painted the crown molding a bright white to stand out and reflect light, and replaced the dark red carpet with a light whiteish beige. It feels more finished in here and definitely NOT dark! I’m excited to see what it’s like in the morning 🙂 ❤


(There was a big red rug in the middle of the floor, but we picked it up when we bought a can of tester paint. I wasn’t willing to risk it. So sorry you didn’t get to see PAPRIKACARPET! And we did have dark dark green curtains up as well. But unfortunately I took those down before, too!)


(Saving the spot above the couch for a gorgeous picture/painting eventually!)

(Totally painted the radiator)