Let me preface this post by saying: I’m sorry.

We moved in June and since then haven’t really had a spare moment to get the house in order. Until now. As we work our way through the rooms, we’re finishing them. Finding permenant homes for items, realizing we need to get rid of some things, or finding we just don’t have space for other stuff. Since we hope to live here for QUITE a while, this is important.

So now you can understand me when I say that the spare bedroom was just a place for excess stuff. We weren’t/aren’t using it, and it’s a waste of space. It currently holds all of our spare stuff–pictures, paint, hardware supplies,  decor, etc. And the cat box. Pardon the view. My goal is to turn the desk into a crafting space for my sewing projects, and to make the focal point the bed. It’s our spare bedroom after all and we want guests!

Here’s our before (the new color is at the bottom!):

(This might look like there’s nothing on the lefthand side. But I forgot to take a picture with the stuff that was there. There was a little cabinet with a mini TV on it. And a lamp. And two rugs).

The color for this room will be Slate Pebble by Olympic.

Now before you say, “It looks gray.” IT’S NOT GRAY. It just looks it. It’s actually a purple!

See, let me convince you.

2 totally different colors!

I’m very excited for this 🙂 And I promise I’ll clean the room. I’ve already sold a vanity and dining room table THAT WERE IN THIS ROOM. Imagine that. Can’t? Neither can I. Yikes. It was madness.