Do you remember what my spare bedroom looked like before? It was a chaotic mess of a room–some extra space where we dumped whatever didn’t have a home and would “get around to” putting away at a later date. I just couldn’t stand it. What wasted space! While we still have some pictures in there until we can find room to hang them up, the space is DEFINITELY improved.

Two fold.

Three fold even.

If you haven’t seen it, hop over to this post with the “before” pictures reallllly quick. I’ll be here when you get back.

Back?  Good. Because I want to tell you that this room was a labor of love. DH and I had bought that fabulous Slate Pebble color and painted the room with a gallon of it. But when we neared the end of the gallon, we still had a bit more room to do!

DH went to Lowe’s and bought a sample can of the paint (it was $3 and had exactly the amount we needed). So I set to finishing the trim around the baseboards, and windows, and door frames. I filled in holes that needed extra color. I swished my paint brush all over some walls for an artistic flair and to try and get a more even color. After an hour or so, and the entire sample can gone, I left to let it dry. Then I came back to look at the progress.

It was awful. The paint color WAS DARK PURPLE. I had spots everywhere! It looked like Barney had somehow exploded in the room.

How was it possible?! I painted with the exact same color! The color chip was the same!

The bases weren’t.

The gallon had a base 3, and the sample can had a base 2. Totally made my walls purple in many many spots.

DH and I gave up for the night. We wanted to cry. The next day, we went back to Lowe’s and got the right paint (after much explaining). We spent more time rollering the entire walls (We needed a gallon to cover the damage I did with that little sample can). And THEN it was done. And looked fine. And I didn’t want to cry anymore 😉

So here it is. What do you think?

(The kitty litter is only there temporarily. We needed a place to hide it when company stayed over!)

(Those pictures on the desk are going elsewhere in the apartment, as is the gargoyle with the slightly broken neck). 

(The curtains were our only Black Friday purchase!)

(Isn’t the pattern dreamy?)

(My amazing vintage door hooks. I still have to put up the other one.)

(Remember the chest? For now it’s covered. We’ll uncover it when it gets painted ;))

So that’s that… what do you think?