I AM still doing the baking challenge, if you were interested in knowing. I happened to run out of flour, sugar, eggs and butter all at once. Poor planning on my part! I’ve decided to still do 12 days, but spread them out (4 days a week). So the challenge will resume tomorrow…and for some reason the post from Friday refuses to cooperate. I’ll have that up tonight (BEST RECIPE YET PROMISE).

I have no days off this week. But I do plan on leaving early. On top of baking, I’d like to reorganize some areas in the house (pantry. kitchen cabinets. entryway. my closet.) and also do some laundry. I’m DYING to watch a Christmas movie, but unfortunately what few channels we do get at home don’t have any movies on them! So I might start a new tradition of always watching a musical at Christmas. We just recently watched My Fair Lady, so maybe The King and I? Anastasia?

I became a Lifetime member at Weight Watchers yesterday. I officially don’t have to pay anymore! I also get free online access and can go to all the meetings as long as I weigh-in once a month. I plan on weighing in every week (if I’m allowed) and still attending every week. I just need the extra help, especially since I’m not really “tracking” anymore. This might bite me in the butt but I’d really like the extra assurance that I can manage my weight and be “normal”.

Apparently I’m generous. Because I just couldn’t stop buying Christmas gifts. My brother went all out last year with me and DH. So I wanted to repay him this year. I ordered a few extra things on Amazon today which should arrive no later than Saturday. JUST in time šŸ™‚

I’ve got a full list of cookies/baked goods this week. The themes for the days: Banana, gingerbread, powdered sugar, and lavender.

All of DH’s presents are wrapped and under the tree. IM DYING FOR HIM TO OPEN THEM. I feel like each year I keep getting better and better at knowing what he’d like. And I think he’ll love these items! šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€ I’m excited for Christmas MOST because I want to know what people thought of what I gave them. I love that this is unselfish too šŸ˜‰

I mailed out all Christmas gifts and Christmas cards this weekend. Rockstar bonus points for me because I could still send them the cheapest–parcel post–and have them get to the recipients in time. I also did choose to mail through USPS because of their impending bankruptcy. Best $75 I’ve ever spent.

You know how you go through all the Christmas gifts that you’ve stashed away in the dark, back recesses of a closet, and start looking at everything. And wonder why the hell you picked that out? Or bought that? And who the heck was THAT for? That was me. I just returned some stuff and feel lighter. And more organized. Whatever was I thinking….

My tasks at work so far have included moving tons of heavy boxes, sorting files, organizing a closet and prepping for tomorrow, when I will bring up a LOT of boxes. Bonus: I get to wear jeans.

GoodEarth Sweet and Spicy tea is my new favorite. Do you have a fav that you can’t live without? If not, try this one. Really.

With a little Xmas money, I bought two new mini loaf pans and two new muffin tins. I am ridiculously excited about this. I swear Crate and Barrel has THE best bakeware out there.

I’ve seriously thought about moving to Vermont and begging to work in the test kitchen at King Arthur Flour. If I couldn’t get that job, I’d beg to work for a local bakery or open my own shop. I am desperate to include baking to my list of money-making opportunities.

Found a pair of boots that I love the look of. But they are ruined by a zipper down the side. Why must cute boots have zippers? I was told that ALL tall boots have zippers, and that’s a downright dirty lie. I refused to buy anything from the store because they were pressuring me into buying a pair that I wasn’t sure about (They also said they have no idea when their store sale was going to end and that they just “randomly pop up and go away” without anyone knowing. I think this is a lie too.

I’m tired of soup. Eunice-the-Crockpot made broccoli cheddar AND creamy potato last week. We’re still eating those. I’m thinking of mixing things around tonight with a plethora of veggies over couscous. Eh eh?

There’s a voice in my head that says, “Chop all your hair off.” But then again, I love seeing the long curly locks. I hope the voice shuts up. Or that it would change to, “Dye your grays, grandma.” But for now the grays stay and I’m absolutely content with them.

I’m excited for presents. There. I said it. And that unselfish bit above? Totally wiped out by that statement. I LOVE GIFTS.

I’m looking forward to: a week of baking, organizing the pantry, wrapping the absolute last gift (I just ordered something for my brother on Amazon…), and me & DH spending our “first” Christmas together. Whatcha lookin’ forward to this week?