When you get up in the morning, do you have a set routine? On a normal day, my alarm goes off at 6:05. I hit it three times, until 6:20, when I literally drag myself out of bed with a yawn and a shuffle of the toes. I pad into the bathroom barefoot, use the toilet, wash my hands, peer into the mirror as I brush my teeth and make ghastly faces at myself. Then I get in the shower, rummage through my closet for clothes, sit at my vanity and do makeup, pack up my lunch and hit the pavement to catch the 6:56 train. (I’m quick to get ready and out the door)

But let me tell you why I’m writing this post: this week has not been what I just described above as “normal”.

My alarm clock is now set to go off at 4:15 a.m. I hit it ONCE, until 4:20, and then get out of bed to wash my face, brush my teeth, use the toilet. I throw on work out clothes that I’ve laid out the night before, put my hair in a pony tail, put my already-packed lunch in a larger bag with other random crap for work, grab my already-packed workout bag with my pre-selected outfit (with accessories and shoes) for work and I’m out the door by 4:45. I’m at the gym at 5 a.m. on the dot when it opens. I now take showers at the gym, use their towels, body wash, lotion, kleenex, etc.

If you can imagine an empty street with a handful of cars, most of them belonging to folks above the age of 70, who are already anxiously pacing in front of the doors to the gym waiting for it to open…you’d have my exact vision in the mornings.

Ya’ll. I’m waiting for the moment that this turns from “Come on, Reese. Get out of bed. Just go do it,” to “This is my routine. I always get up at 4:20 and go to the gym!” Today was a little less easy than yesterday. The workout was harder. I ran for the same amount but it took longer. My feet felt heavier. My arms hurt more today. I needed coffee just a smidge sooner this morning.

But for the past two days? I haven’t had to scramble for clothing in the morning because I picked it out the night before. I haven’t had to rush to throw in a healthy portion of food for breakfast/lunch because I already packed it up and wrote down the point values the night before. I haven’t felt guilt about maintaining exercise, my weight or my healthy eating habits in two days.

And then I look at this as a comparison:

I realize that I’m worth changing my routine for. And these achy thighs, inability to extend my arm 100%, and slight dependency on coffee will all eventually go away (or become routine). And I’m totally ok with that. I’m worth it. I just need to tell myself that when I look at the clock each morning and see an unfamiliar 4.

I just wonder when the breaking point is between the “Just do it” and “Routine” comes in. Takes 3 days to really get over the hump to stop smoking right? I figure I have at least double that to go from lazy ass to gym rat right? ;p