Don’t get me wrong, I love Weight Watchers. Unlike Jenny Craig, Slim-Fast, NutriSystem, and all other similar diet programs, Weight Watchers doesn’t require you to buy ONLY their food. Seems so easy, right?Pay a few hundred $$ upfront, and we’ll ship you all you have to eat for the next three weeks. As long as you only eat what they send, you’re guaranteed to lose weight!

Except the food they send is usually frozen, packed with additives to make it last (like salt!).

I find that those types of weight loss programs don’t really teach you how to lose weight. What’s healthy. How to prepare food. It doesn’t encourage you to learn really.

So yes, I’m all for the Weight Watchers program that helps you in baby steps! (For the first few weeks, they now give you a tracker that you CAN use to plan meals. It even has a grocery list! But I digress in my point here…).

What I don’t agree with is the rule about staying 2 lb. below, or 2 lb above your goal weight.

When I was told to pick my goal weight, all I was told was that it had to be within my healthy weight range of 119-146 (though I’ve been told the top of my range is 150 now). I picked 140 lb. as my ideal weight because it wasn’t at the top and when I weighed 119 many years ago, I thought I was a bit too skinny. Anything in the 130-range seemed SO impossible to get and to maintain so I avoided those numbers.

But now that I’ve gotten to 140 and “maintained” it for a while, I like the idea of being in the 130s even more. I’ve been holding steady-ish at 138 (2 lb. below) for some time and think that a new goal of 135 would be worth it.

Here’s the problem with Weight Watchers: If I go below 138, I have to pay them until I get to my new weight. Then I have to go through the 6 weeks of maintenance again, go through becoming a LifeTime member again, etc. This would effectively cost about $100. FOR THREE LB.

I don’t agree with Weight Watchers in this. Why have a bottom cap? I understand that the program strives to help you maintain a constant weight, since, let’s face it, we joined the program because we let our weight spiral out of control.

But I’ve been with the program for more than  a year and have learned lots about healthy eating and what my body can handle. Now that I’ve introduced working out into my life (baby steps folks!), I think I can manage a 135 lb. body.

Weight Watchers just wants to have a cut of that, profitwise.


What would you do if you were in my shoes? (DH did suggest I just lose those 3 lb. and when it comes time for weighing in, I stuff my shoes with light weights so I weigh in between 138-142. ;p).