(The hat on the table is actually shaped like a big owl. Don’t judge me. I also have matching gloves!!)

We finally found our new couch. !!! After weeks of searching, we’ve finally signed on the line and are bringing home the Saybridge sofa from Martha Stewart for Macy’s. We went to Jayson Home, Thomasville, Walter E. Smithe, Ashley Furniture, Steinhafel’s, Ethan Allen and Macy’s. We were thinking of buying a sofa from Ethan Allen, but ultimately the price is what got us. We’re paying cash for the sofa and two matching chairs at Macy’s. Anywhere else (aside from Ashley and Steinhafel’s), we’d be paying that much for just ONE piece. I think this worked out in our favor! (We’ll have the couches in 8-10 weeks. As they are being made elsewhere then sent to us). 

DH and I had a free moment to visit my grandpa for the first time since he’s been back from Puerto Rico. He brought me a few scarves for work, and some VERY vibrant hot pink necklaces (his favorite color on women apparently, as he got me that color in nail polish and scarves a few years ago ;p), and got DH a Southpole shirt that will practically hang down to his knees, is black with black scrollworked script throughout, and it might have a few skulls somewhere in there. <—that makes me giggle, since it’s definitely not his style or taste!

A coworker brought me Milk chocolate-covered banana chips today. Oh yes. They make them. And you can get yours at Yoder’s Country Market in Centerville, MI too! (They’re not bad, but a touch too sweet. Dark chocolate totally would have been better!)

This weekend had a lot of furniture happenings, as I responded to a listing on the Northwestern Alum listserv about a coffee table and two end tables. Solid wood. Hinged tops. TONS of storage. We went to see them, fell in love, and now we own them (this seems simple. But unfortunately we missed the timeframe we could visit these things on Saturday night. So we went early on Sunday morning. The pieces were much larger than expected. We had to rent a Uhaul to get them. Carried them up three flights of stairs. And FINALLY have them in our possession…). But they will definitely work well in the living room once they are refinished in a darker color and set next to our new couches!

(The cats approve of the end tables. Ren is “hiding” and Bob must christen everything with his butt on it before it gets used).

(Sorry for the dark photo. My hand was in front of the flash. But to give you an idea for this piece’s size… Bob has stretched out on it just for you. It’s about 1.5 kitty-lengths long. Or 36×36″ in people terms). 

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my hair is gorgeous as is. Sure, it gets floofy and frizzy sometimes. And yeah, it’s got a few really good-sized streaks of gray at the top. And it’s certainly got longer in the past year and a half that I’ve been growing it out. The dull mousy brown color is at least natural now and I don’t have “roots” ( the gray will eventually grow out long enough to be the same length as the rest of the hair). So despite how much I’ve been itching for a change, I’m staying put. I’m going to save the money instead of pay $80 for a cut and color. And DH will just help me trim the back of it when it needs it. Maybe later this summer I’ll look into a more professional trim!

My face has a love hate relationship with…. well..my face. Lately I’ve been having one heck of a dry skin issue. I’ve felt very lizard-like and scaly. To combat this, I’ve reached for Dial Nutriskin Lotion for Extra Dry Skin that was sent to me in the mail. Now I know this wasn’t intended for use on the face, but I was desperate. I used it three days in a row. And for the past week and a half I’ve dealt with fierce breakouts. But my face wasn’t scaly anymore…doh. I’ve nixed the Nutriskin on my face, kept it with my body, and I’m starting to even out a bit now. I hate learning the ins and outs of new products sometimes!

Tomorrow I’m recapping my January Goals. And if I don’t get my tushus started on one soon, I’m going to have to mark it as a fail. Something is better than nothing, right? How are you doing on your goals?

For the past few weeks, DH has been asking me to make bread. And I haven’t. I’ve been busy baking sweets, and gaining weight, and eating sweets and trying to keep up with life….(not to mention the minor meltdown I had over not having a jar of peanut butter in the house). The house is a wreck, and I’m coming to terms that I need to clean a little bit each day so it doesn’t sneak up on me. So then I have no excuse NOT to bake bread (I always say, “But why bake bread when I could put away the laundry??” Or “I’ve got dishes to clean in the kitchen/a dirty countertop/no room for this right now!”). So I’m going to start baking bread damnit. It’s a daily staple in our household and it’s far healthier (And tastier!) when I do it myself. I’m going to be keeping the bread wrappers from commercial bread loaves so I can reuse them for storage of my own. I got the idea from Kristen over at The Frugal Girl, so I’m not claiming it as my own! (she’s just one smart cookie, that girl!). <–her site has been a smidge wonky the past few days, so be patient if the linky doesn’t work right this moment!

I finished another book last week. Did you notice? I’m now on to book 8 of the Wheel of Time series. I’m in a dry spot in the storyline, but have high hopes for it picking up soon! (DH and I can no longer talk about events in the book. He’s on book 6 and I accidentally keep slipping big events that happen his way because I assume he’s already gotten to them. Oops. So now we just don’t speak of those events. Though I gave him a hard time last night because he got to a rather steamy section and wouldn’t set the book down ;)).

Do you celebrate Valentine’s day?  DH and I do. And I do a 14-days approach that I ALSO borrowed from Kristen (you can read her post about V-Day surprises here. Apparently I just want to live her entire life. That’s not creepy or anything…. *silence* KIDDING ;p). Again, the links aren’t working as her site is currently down, but she’s got a few words for those of you out there who are V-Day party poopers 😉 I’ve got a list of things for DH, but I have yet to finalize any but two of the 14 days. Doh. Guess that’s what I’ll be doing in the next two days, huh? 😉

Do you celebrate V-Day? Have any plans?