I have a love/hate relationship with leftovers. Mostly it leans toward the “love” side of things, though.

In Weight Watchers terms, I need to know how many points each thing is that I eat. If I make dinner one night, I calculate how much I need to eat on one plate. Then I eat that plate. Whatever is leftover in the pan, I calculate the points out, pack it up and bring it for lunch the next day. Calculating the points for the EXACT same dish is so much easier, in my mind, than calculating it for an entirely different meal. Heck, when I’m spooning dinner onto my plate, I can just as easily spoon it, right then and there, into a tupperware container.

It makes sense to me. If anything is leftover on my plate, I add it to the extras in the pan. I figure I can eat my own half-eaten piece of chicken. Not like I’m forcing anyone else to!

Here’s the beef I have with Weight Watchers: My leader is telling everyone to throw out their leftovers. Can’t eat it? Throw it straight into the trash. I get that they don’t want it to be a temptation. If extra breaded chicken is leftover, then some might be inclined to eat MORE of it. But I hate this idea of cooking and producing exorbitant amounts of food waste. If a piece of chicken is leftover, I wouldn’t EVER want to throw it away! Chop it up and make a chicken salad with it! Put it on top of a quesadilla! Have it with eggs for breakfast! DO ANYTHING BUT WASTE FOOD AND MONEY!

Do you remember my FWF post this past week? Where I threw away this?

I told you in that post that I had made two of these brownie-cookie-dough-oreo cakes. This half was left. And I pitched it. I had such horrible guilt that I sat and thought about my waste for a lot longer than I probably should have. It consumed my mind. And then I came to the conclusion that, in order to be healthy to myself, I needed to get rid of this. I had already eaten 1.5 of them. I had to just let it go.

So now I’m torn. I don’t want to be contrary to my own opinion listed above (FOOD WASTE IS BAD! SAVE LEFTOVERS!), but then again, I know that I shouldn’t have an entire delicious cake at home that only I would eat.

I am also torn by thinking that Weight Watchers should also be teaching some sort of self control with leftovers. How to make the most of food you prepare, while fighting the urge to munch more. I mean…for people who don’t cook often, making a LOT of one thing is good! Then you can eat leftovers for days and not have to cook anything again! AND you know the points for the serving size.

What do you think? Would you have nary a bad thought and just pitch the food? Or would you pack it up? OR am I just crazy in my torn feelings here?