I have a Kindle and I think it’s a genius device. It has literally saved me hundreds of dollars by reducing the number of physical books I have to buy. In the past 3 months, I’ve bought one book, and I can’t really even claim that one as “bought,” since I used a giftcard.

I don’t think that my Kindle lessens the experience of reading ever. I still get lost in the storyline, absorbed by the plot, and frisked away to far-off lands of fantasy and whimsy. The only thing that’s different is that the phrase “Nose-deep in a book” doesn’t apply to me anymore. I’m nose-to-screen at my Kindle.

Up until last night, I had a great relationship with this device. That is, until my finger hit the mouse button.

I have a Kindle 2, and that pesky mouse button is right near my thumb. I hit it, and in a matter of miliseconds, my screen went blank. I had deleted the book I was reading. Because I loaded this book from my desktop, and not from Amazon, the book wasn’t anywhere that my Kindle could reach it via Wi-Fi.

Amazon should really fix this–why not allow my Kindle database to be fully accessible through my Amazon account? And, on that same note, why not back it up for me, too?

So today on my commute, I was Kindle-less. I don’t have the paperback book of what I was reading. And I didn’t have time to re-load my Kindle this morning before work. That’s a precious 100-200 pages I could have read today…just anxiously awaiting me when I a chance to reupload it.


To make matters even more irritating, the Kindle doesn’t use page numbers. Nope. It calculates what percentage of the document has been read. So I was somewhere around 44-49% complete. And I’ll have to guess where that falls in the grand scheme of things and just tab to the correct page.

Oh you sly, sly books. If I were to drop my bookmark on the ground, I could find where I left off with minimal griping. This time… I’m just going to have to give a point to books for ease of use.

Do you have an E-Reader? Have you noticed anything that’s irritating about using it? Or do you prefer books?