I have to say that, for the most part, I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in the ways that the commercials suggest I do. DH and I would eat at our favorite steak place the week of Valentine’s Day when we were in college. They had a fantastic prix fixe menu that we couldn’t get enough of. And sometimes we’d go out and buy chocolate for each other (but not the pre-packaged stuff. There’s a place in Laramie, WY called The Chocolate Cellar…and by gum it had the most AMAZING chocolate ever!).

We pretty much did what was socially acceptable to get by on Valentine’s Day. No lavish, $300 cameras were bought. No sparkling, frosted jewelry was given.

But last year I wanted to change that a bit. The Frugal Girl posted about what she does for Valentine’s Day, and why she celebrates it. It got me thinking about just making more of an effort for DH–I don’t tell him often enough that I love him. I KNOW I can do this any time of the year. But I like the prompt that Valentine’s Day gives me. So I started a 14 Days of Valentine’s for him. And I think he secretly likes it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Last year he was given a stuffed meerkat (it reminds me of him!), two robes, and some various edible things. This year, I planned in advance!

Here’s what DH was spoiled with this year:ย (He didn’t get all of this in one day. I gave him one item each day between February 1 and February 14!)

1. Organic Mini-Peanut Butter Crackers from Trader Joe’s ($1.99)

2. Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe’s ($.99)

3. To My Husband card, with smushy love note written inside. ($2.49)

4. Breakfast/Baked Good.ย We ended up having to get up early to run errands this day, and I didn’t get around to baking. He did get rolls later in the week, and a breakfast that Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

5. 4-pack of random German Beers from Trader Joe’s ($3.99)

6. Chocolate Brownie Clif Bar. ($.99)

7. Red Origami Crane (handmade!) with a list of 10 things I’m looking forward to doing with DH in the future.

8. Vanilla Almond Granola Bars from Trader Joe’s ($1.29)

9. Lunch: Heart-shaped pizza from Papa Johns (And free cinnastix). ($16)

10. Framed wedding photo.

11. Wesenjak Slippers (I bought these back in December and got them for $9!).

12. Brunch at The Publican. Which totally included this amazing bacon.

13. Individual Coffee Creamers. I got a fantastic deal through a supplier at work, so I got a small box for cheap! ($1)

14.ย A Night Chez Reese.ย We’ll be staying home tonight! We’ve got steamed asparagus, mashed kaboucha squash, and fresh salmon on the menu. If I can manage it, I’ll whip together a souffle to throw in the oven. And then we’ll just enjoy each other’s company.

Kaboucha Squash. I’ve heard it tastes like potatoes!

I love that I get an opportunity to spoil him with stupid little things. I think it’s more of the thought that counts, and I really wanted to mix words/notes that carry some meaning with the fun small gifts. Though, I don’t really consider the squash a gift. It’s more of the time spent with ME that’s gift worthy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? What are you doing today/tonight?