<–That’s the amount of fruit I’ve had today. And it’s not typical.

…What I mean by “not typical” is that I usually have more than that, but the grocery store didn’t have any good-lookin’ grapes this week. I usually eat 1-2 lb. of those bad boys (preferably red) each day.

Remember this?

The health experts of the world say that an adult should eat between 2 and 2-1/2 cups of fruit each day (about 3-4 servings). Obviously, I tend to eat more than that. I’m ok with it. My doctors say I’m in great health. The only negative thing they could possibly say is that my total cholesterol is a smidge high (I’m working on correcting that) and my Vitamin D levels are ridiculously low (I have pills for this).

So what’s with this post? Why even mention it after my long blogging hiatus?

I want to get back to the things that are important to me. I lost my way a few weeks ago and just forgot why I blog. I had no desire and just wanted a break. Then I created the cute header (hellooo Mama DIY Owl), and things fell more into place. There’s one small thing that’s nagging at me that I’ll continue to work on as I get on with my digital life: my food consumption and putting it out there for people to see.

1 can of pineapple. 6 cuties. 1 pear. 2 apples. 1 banana. No grapes. Just today. *big sigh*

I get comments constantly about this at work. I get comments when we’re out at the grocery store. I get comments from my friends and family.

I’m getting a wee bit tired of all those snarky side comments.

At my desk at work, I have a bowl. It has all the fruit piled into it, except for the pineapple, which is in a Tupperware container and mostly consumed at this point. Already this morning, I’ve had someone say, “Wow, big fruit bowl.” Yesterday I had someone say, “Hmm.. nice pile of fruit.” While I can’t accurately convey the tone of voice used, we’ll say it was skeptical, condescending, or otherwise not positive. And I want to BE positive. Why would you EVER make someone feel bad, or question their food choices, when it’s fruit?

Would they say the same thing if I ate this for breakfast, I wonder?

I can’t even fathom what some kids say or do when they are teased about their healthier choices. Could this be why we have so many weight concerns these days? Because we’re chided for healthy choices?

I’m going to try to put Weight Watchers points with anything I bake/make to help even out the healthy aspects. All this fruit? 0 points. Is this all I eat? Hecks no! Dinner last night was a steaming pile of brown rice, with sauteed veggies on top. Dessert was a piece of banana wedding cake (yes, we still have some. It WILL be gone in the next month tho ;)), and a handful of Nacho Cheese combos. Lunch today is leftover rice and veggies. And I’ll be munching on everything minus the pineapple throughout the day.

I’m a firm believer that more fruits and veggies can’t hurt anyone. That less meat is good for the body. That we don’t actually NEED a whole ton of protein everyday (when did we get into this big protein, protein, protein push anyway?). And that water is the best beverage ever.

I want to expand on my beliefs and provide things I love and care about–not try to sway people into thinking that what I do is the best, or the only right way to live. I just want to share tips, tricks, food ideas, and my recipes with others! As much as I DO think that poptart looks delicious (who am I kidding? I’d totally eat it), I opt for healthier options so that I can splurge when it matters. Like tomorrow, when me and DH will be stopping at the Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake!

 I promise I’ll get back to posting some fun things. Others have asked about bringing back recipes from my old blog. It might take some hunting to FIND those recipes, but I’ll start re-posting them. Most are savory dinner options rather than sweet baked treats. I’ll try to even it out. 🙂

For now, I’m going to break into one of these cuties and contemplate the meaning of life. And chocolate. And what’s for dinner tonight. Yum.