<—totally not a morbid title at all, right?

This seems to be making it’s rounds on Facebook right now, despite the fact that Chew On That and Chowhound (to name a few) all wrote about this when it hit the interwebs in January 2012!

Since I haven’t had a chance to edit any photos (I know ya’ll are dying to read about my pickle bread!), I thought I’d keep this Monday light and full of fluff. Without further ado, I’ved bolded what I’ve eaten of the 100 Foods to try before death grips my soul:

1.  Abalone  –  I love sushi. And while abalone is not my favorite option, it is still an option. And I’ve come close to trying all the options out there. 😉

2.  Absinthe  –

3.  Alligator  –

4.  Baba Ghanoush –  This really depends on where I get it from. Some baba ghanoushes are awfully chunky. I prefer mine in a more hummus-like consistency! (and you can make this at home!)

5.  Bagel & Lox  –    Hecks yes. I actually just ordered a version of this with an everything bagel at The Publican.

6.  Baklava –  God, I hate this stuff. How can anyone make honey taste so….perfumey?

7.  Barbeque Ribs  –  My grandfather makes good ribs. But I haven’t had any good ones at a restaurant in some time. Anyone wanna help a girl out?

8.  Bellini –  Had my first one at Olive Garden. No, joke. Peach bellinis there are good though 😉

9.  Bird’s Nest Soup  –

10.  Biscuits & Gravy  –  One of my all-time favorite breakfast foods. Each time I take my grandmother out to eat she alternates between two items: Denver omelette, and biscuits and gravy. They make me think of her!

11.  Black Pudding –

12.  Black Truffle – nope

13.  Borscht  – I wrote an article for a college newspaper about worldly foods found in supermarkets. I tried this, right after gefilte fish and potted meat. I’ll pass forever on this.

14.  Calamari –  My god. This stuff is delish! My cousin’s grandmother is Italian and she makes the best stuff in the world. Hands down, I would eat it all the time. It reminds me of time spent in their basement, New Year’s Eve, eating and talking. Talking and eating.

15.  Carp –   Nothing special about this in my book, but I’ve had it at restaurants (which is probably WHY it’s not special to me. I need to make more fish at home!)

16.  Caviar  – Love it on top of sushi. Love it in a little pot. Love it with crostinis and bruscetta pieces and in all colors.

17.  Cheese Fondue –  My favorite cheese fondue experience was a date night at home with my mom. She made a white cheese fondue. Though it was mostly swiss (and I despise swiss) I loved the evening. Won’t forget it. Even better than having cheese fondue at The Melting Pot!

18.  Chicken & Waffles  –

19.  Chicken Tikka Masala – It’s pretty much front and center on all Indian restaurants’ menus.

20.  Chile Relleno  –  I’ve made variations, and I’ve had variations at Mexican restaurants. Not my favorite (but I don’t like Mexican food. shhhhh).

21.  Chitlins  –

22.  Churros  –  The first time I had a churro was when I moved to Cheyenne, WY. Don’t judge me. You know you wish you had a Taco John’s!

23.  Clam Chowder  –  I’ve had it at restaurants near Lake Michigan, up in Wisconsin, at small diners in Nebraska, and in gourmet restaurants on the east coast. I’ll take it anyway I can get it!

24.  Cognac  –

25.  Crab Cakes –  Maryland Blue Crab Cakes. *mouth drools*

26.  Crickets –

27.  Currywurst – Germany. Best vacation of my life thus far (though my honeymoon is way up there too…). This is something I could order for myself overseas, and I can recreate (sort of) at home here 🙂

28.  Dandelion Wine  –

29.  Dulce De Leche  –  Easiest way to make this is at home. Don’t even have to take the condensed milk out of the can to cook! But seriously. It goes good on everything AND in everything.

30.  Durian –

31.  Eel  –  My second favorite sushi. Nom nom nom.

32.  Eggs Benedict  – That restaurant I told you about? With the biscuits and gravy and my grandma? I always order one of two things: biscuits and gravy, or eggs benedict. Something about the runny egg and the english muffin. Makes me ridiculously happy. AND they have a “Hiker’s Benedict” with asparagus, and greens. Mmm.

33.  Fish Tacos  – I’ve made good ones from fish I broke apart in a frying pan. They’re really good from this little Mexican restaurant up in Wisconsin.

34.  Foie Gras –   Hadn’t had this until I accepted my current job. They are a foie gras type of people 😉

35.  Fresh Spring Rolls  – Vietnamese restaurant. I have a hard time making these myself. I rip the paper.

36.  Fried Catfish  –  I’ve made this a ton of times, and have had them at fish fries throughout Door County and various restaurants. Ever been to a fish fry? Go. Right now.

37.  Fried Green Tomatoes –  When I was little, my next door neighbor and best friend watched this as a movie. And we both wanted to try the food. So… her mom made these for her. I tasted one, hated it, and waited 10 years before I ordered it myself on a menu. They’re not bad with a cornmeal crust 😉

38.  Fried Plantain  –   Elementary school. A Puerto Rican friend of mine always had her dad make these for dinner. I was over there all the time and ate them ALOT. Now I buy them for my house. If they’re green, I serve them with salt and a dipping sauce. If they’re more on the yellow side, a bit of cinnamon.

39.  Frito Pie –  Brought this recently to a friend’s Oscar party. Had it for the first time at a Sonic Drive-Thru in Texas. EVERYONE makes frito chili pies there.

40.  Frogs’ Legs –  I ordered this at some restaurant. Was with a group of friends. Just had a taste. Loved them.

41. Fugu –

42.  Funnel Cake –  Six Flags Great America. You could smell the funnel cakes from the nearby rides. When you got it, it would be half hanging off the plate, with semi-gooey, semi-fluffy powdered sugar on it. Heaped with strawberries. I’M MAKING THESE THIS WEEKEND FOLKS. ;p

43.  Gazpacho  –  Unfortunately, this is how I found out I don’t like tomato soup. BUT, there’s a little vegetarian place in town called Blind Faith Cafe that makes a watermelon gazpacho. To.Die.For.

44.   Goat – They provide it at Mt. Everest restaurant in Evanston. I’m not a fan! It’s too…chewy. And dark. And meaty.

45.  Goat’s milk  –

46.  Goulash  –  We call this hot dish. And it’s a great way to use egg noodles, because otherwise I wouldn’t eat them!

47.  Gumbo – I made a haphazard gumbo in my new cast iron Le Creuset pot. It was soooo good. I have yet to travel down south to try an authentic one though.

48.  Haggis –

49.  Head Cheese –

50.  Heirloom Tomatoes –  My grandmother used to grow these in her garden growing up. Now, my grandmother’s sister and brother-in-law give them to her, and she, in turn, gives me what she can’t use!

51.  Honeycomb  –

52.  Hostess Fruit Pie – These used to be DH’s favorite snack in college. They would be 25 cents each and he’d get 4. I thought they tasted like stale cardboard.

53.   Huevos Rancheros  –  Not my favorite (see above, yucky Mexican food)

54.   Jerk Chicken –  Available just about everywhere you can get a taco. Not bad depending on the type of spices used!

55.   Kangaroo  –

56.   Key Lime Pie  –  I’ve ruined the one pie I made, but have had this as a shake successfully. And I would order one every so often at Baker’s Square restaurant.

57.   Kobe Beef  –  Hibachi grills.

58.   Lassi  –

59.   Lobster – DH hates it. I love it. Works out well when we’re at restaurants 😉 Red Lobster is probably the first place I had this, but my cousin’s grandma makes gooooood lobster tails!

60.   Mimosa –  I had my first one in college! DH introduced me to it and I’m hooked. Who knew orange juice could taste so good?

61.   MoonPie –  Another first from college. They sold these in boxes at Walmart. When DH saw them on one shopping trip, he gasped, then ate the whole box that night. Now we pick up one or two when we’re out and stumble upon them 😉

62.   Morel Mushrooms –

63.   Nettle Tea  –

64.   Octopus –  Good as sushi, and another staple that is served at cousin’s grandmother’s New Year’s Eve parties.

65.   Oxtail Soup  –

66.   Paella  – in Barcelona. I won’t lie; I was scared out of my mind to see all those sea creatures with eyes in there. But it tasted great! Haven’t had it since.

67.   Paneer  –  We often buy cubes of this frozen to use in place of meat in our house. Also served at Mt. Everest restaurant and many indian food locales.

68.   Pastrami on Rye  – I’ve had enough bites to know I like neither pastrami, nor rye.

69.   Pavlova  –

70.   Phaal  –  Absolutely delish and also served at many indian restaurants.

71.  Philly Cheese Steak  – Just random haphazard ones served in Cheyenne, WY and Chicago. I’m not as much of a fan of these. Too gooey and drippy.

72.   Pho –

73.   Pineapple & Cottage Cheese  –  Yes! This used to be a snack. One of the best cottage cheese pairings around!

74.   Pistachio Ice Cream – MY FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR (Though butter pecan comes close…)

75.   Po’Boy – At a quick sandwich joint in Greenbay, on our way back from visiting relatives. Was.so.good.

76.   Pocky –

77.   Polenta – Want to make my own, but we often buy these, fry them on the skillet, and eat with sour cream and salsa.

78.   Prickly Pear –

79.   Rabbit Stew – I chopped up the rabbit carcass myself. Never.Again. It reminds me of a kitty…

80.   Raw Oysters – Yep! They’re good. Had a huge plate of them as a celebration for completing my certificate program through my Master’s degree. Berghoff’s man. Martini’s and oysters!

81.   Root Beer Float  –  YUM! Who hasn’t had one of these?! It’s iconic to American past times! It speaks of childhood dreams! It’s available everywhere! 2 ingredients!

82.   S’mores  – Mmm. Nothing better than a slightly burnt, gooey marshmallow, perfectly roasted and partially aflame. Producing an ooey gooey square of hershey’s chocolate, wedged inbetween two golden graham crackers. This is my summer evenings. They remind me of my cousins!

83.   Sauerkraut – First time was in Germany. Last time was also in Germany. ‘Nuff said.

84.  Sea Urchin  – Sushi menu. One was all it took. I’ll pass!

85.  Shark  –  Had it on a sushi menu as well. I’d like to try a larger piece… it tastes like the other ingredients in the sushi, but I wonder if it is more like swordfish?

86.   Snail –   France. My grandmother and I went on a highschool tour, and the dinners were all included. They served snails one night. I was 13.

87.  Snake  –

88.  Soft Shell Crab –  DH and I had this at a French restaurant in town. We were celebrating him getting a job. I got three baby soft shell blue crabs. Mmmm. Except I kept having mini panic attacks at the shell getting lodged in my throat!

89.   Som Tam  –

90.   Spaetzle  –  Germany! And since then, DH makes this as a special treat. I haven’t even made it but it’s goooood. We also had it at his aunt’s house. It was divine. (And even better when served with a thick gravy!)

91.   Spam  – My grandpa adds cubes of spam to his Puerto Rican rice dishes. Not bad. Adds a certain something to it that regular cubed ham can’t!

92.   Squirrel  –

93.   Steak Tartare – First time I tried it I was scared to death that I would die from eating raw beef. I lived. Obviously.

94.   Sweet Potato Fries  – Easy to make and delish! I had them for the first time when a girlfriend from school took me to Clarke’s on Belmont. Excellent. I’m sure my mom used to make these when I was growing up, but I can’t really remember them….

95.   Sweetbreads  – Make these all.the.time.

96.   Tom Yum  –

97.   Umeboshi  –

98.   Venison – An aunt’s ex-boyfriend made elk meatloaf, which was delish. But he added venison in. Then my mom came home with packs upon packs of venison from a friend who had shot the animal while out hunting. I made it in a stir fry, and then steered clear of it from there on out. Not a fan…

99.   Wasabi Peas –  Yes. But I’m not as much of a fan as other friends are. I think they’re a tad too spicy for me!

100.   Zucchini Flowers –


I got 69 of these. D- for this girl. But in ANY class, a teacher would have weighted that grade and bumped it to a 70. C-. I passed. 😉 How about you?