In the past 12 years, I have moved a staggering 13 times. Isn’t that ridiculous? To save a bit of money, I always moved out of my rental in school for the summer, and moved into a new place when school started back up (Three months of rent is a lot of money to save!).

With each move, my parents would lug a ton of my stuff into storage, out of storage, on a dolly, in a truck, up stairs. And that really sucks. What’s worse is that they’d cart along a good bit of my books. And anyone who has ever packed a box of books knows: book boxes are HEAVY.

When I moved into my current apartment, I thought I had my books under control. A sizeable amount, mostly my favorites. But when my mom came in September for the wedding, she brought with boxes of my books that I had left behind. Oops?

We have five bookcases in our dining room and all of them were filled. I tried to make it a coordinated mess by putting some books sideways, and adding little trinkets throughout. But it just looked plain CROWDED.

See what I mean? There’s just too much of a good thing here. And while we aren’t looking to move again in the next year, we are looking to move someday. And I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I’m going to move all these heavy books AGAIN. So my DIY project for today was to thin out my books. I figured it would be easy! I’d pick through each shelf, remove obvious books, and be done! Instead…. I kept second-guessing myself.

  • What if I’ll read it again?
  • But I was in this class when I read it! And I’ll lose that memory!
  • I’ve never read this one! What if I want to read it sometime in the future? It doesn’t make sense to buy it new again!
  • But this one has a pretty cover! 
  • My mom gave me this one!
  • I might learn Russian/Latin/Spanish/German/English again! I’ll need that dictionary!
  • I’m an English major! I can’t get rid of this classic! I mean…it’s a Classic! They’ll revoke my English Major-ness!

I came up with loads of these excuses. I needed to come to terms with the fact that I can love a book and not have to own it. Period. With that in mind, I started.

On my first pass through, I came up with these books to remove from my collection:

DH counted for me. There’s 122 books here. And my soul is a jumble of lost words and sadness. DH was just happy to get it done (see him on the floor in the lower corner of that photo? hehe).

Here’s what my bookcases look like after:

Clearly, I still have plenty of books. And I want to thin this EVEN more. And clean it up a bit. There’s still too much stuff on the shelves. Though there is ONE shelf that’s completely empty! Hooray! (One of my fur beasts shoved his butt in there, thinking I was clearing a special space for him. Silly cat). So hopefully for my next update on this project, I can show you a better looking shelf, and a few more books that I’ve decided to get rid of. 🙂

(BTW: What are your thoughts on getting rid of autographed books? That are signed to you? With your name in them? Yay? Nay?)