I know Mondays are typically pleasant days, but this one seems so much harder than usual. I feel as if I’m stuck in a haze and a perpetually lackadaisical mood. I had a hard time getting to bed last night, and I didn’t sleep long throughout the night (at 2 a.m. I woke up and heard one of the cats yeowling in the hallway). Then the beasts sensed that I was awake, and bugged me. I kept checking the alarm clock to see if it was 4:30 yet, and I know that didn’t help. I DID get up and go to the gym, and nagged DH a bit as we got to the gym. And went up to work out. And as we were leaving. Today is one of those days in which I may actually regret going to the gym!

I’m trying to find the energy within to plan some sort of dinner meal tonight. But even THAT is hard. I think I’m going to do stuffed shells with an assortment of sauteed veggies on the side (because I had a hankering for stuffed shells this weekend and actually bought some big enough to stuff! I totally just said stuffed four times in two sentences. *giggle*). While those are baking, I’ll start on the tamales. They take about two hours to make, maybe longer. Which means we’d be super hungry by the time those got to the dinner table. I figure if I can make them tonight, and have them finished steaming by bedtime, dinner will be pretty much handled tomorrow!

There are not enough hours in the day. Sometime, in the next two days, I want to: bake bread and english muffins, hang photo frames, run to the bookstore (we sold that pile of books and need to see how much $$ they brought in), make tamales, do two loads of laundry, and put away a ton of clothes. My eyelids are already feelin’ pretty heavy…

I think my run with the deliciousness of grapes has come to an end. I ate 1-2 lb. each day for a few months and have come across a bunch that just don’t taste right. I don’t think it’s the right season anymore! Drat! I was supplementing with a handful of cuties, but those are becoming harder and harder to find in the stores (at a reasonable price, at least). So I’m now turning my sites to canned pineapple (yum!), and apple slices. I’m an apple snob, and unfortunately will need to have these cut with an apple corer, and probably eaten with yogurt or peanut butter. Why can’t all fruit be created equal?

A coworker gave me a secret menu from Starbucks, and I was delighted by some crazy options: Biscotti Frapuccino (buy a biscotti and ask the barista to blend it up with any flavor of frapuccino); Captain Crunch (Strawberries and cream frappe with a pump of caramel, two pumps of toffee, one pump of hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chips <—how much do you think this costs?!); and the Chocolate Pumpkin (pumpkin spice latte with a chocolate syrup pump or two). Anyone want a Starbucks date?

Some things that are lookin’ mighty good for this week’s menu:

Source: weightwatchers.com via Therese on Pinterest