I woke up today and weighed 142.1 lb. I started tracking my food again. I just completely lost it for about two weeks. I ate everything in sight, including doughnuts, cookies, cakes, chocolate bunnies, Cadbury Creme Eggs, homemade ice cream, leftover wedding cake.

You name it.

It was amazing.

And then I started to feel blah. My tummy hurt. My energy was gone. I decided I needed a break from the gym too. Ya’ll, one bad decision almost always leads to another. So on Monday night I started tracking again. I did amazing, heaping piles of fresh fruit and veggies on my plate. But on Tuesday night? My eyes hit a Dove Chocolate, solid Easter bunny that my mom had sent me. DH was being polite since he ate the rest of the candy, and he had designated this one as mine.

I started at the ears and worked my way down his face. I hacked off his neck and was working around his shoulders when a thought came to me: Didn’t I already indulge in enough crap over the past few weeks? Was this bunny worth it? (The back of my head said yes… and I hated to leave something half unfinished!). So I enjoyed what I had already had, and forced DH to finish the rest. He tells me he didn’t mind eating the rest.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they wake up one day and say, “Damn. I’m getting OLD.” Things change.

I woke up sometime in the past few weeks and realized that I could no longer use the same Extra Strength Clearasil face wash. If I used it once, my face looked lackluster. Twice? My face felt face-lift tight. Three times and my face would flake into a million pieces. Even after the first or second time, a few days later my face would scale up and flake. And this happens with the Clean and Clear stuff. With regular bar soap, too.

Putting makeup over this was a nightmare. I’d be flaky before I even got out of my makeup chair. I’d look in the mirror and try to scrub off a layer of my face. Or cake on moisturizer to make it work better.

The only thing that appears to work for me right now is the Mary Kay Timewise Normal-to-Dry Cleanser. I just happen to be out of it right now. And I’m pairing that with a Biore face moisturizer right after. At night I put on a Yes to Carrots intense moisturizer (I don’t think this does much..but I still have some left and don’t want to waste it. It was expensive!).

I don’t drink as much water as I should. I don’t use any products with SPF in it. I don’t over-exfoliate. I try to eat a healthy diet (minus the aforesaid chocolate rabbit head). I’m just getting older and sensing that my skin is changing.

I’m having a moral dilemma with book buying. I just finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (no longer reserving judgement. I’d give it a solid B+). I went through that in three days. So when I finished it, it was a natural thing to go on to Amazon and order the second. But since I’d finish that by Monday, I also added the third book to my cart. I was $20 in for what? Two books that I’d be done with next week?

I had already gone to the local used book shop. They can’t seem to keep The Hunger Games or The Girl with series in stock. They have none. Ok. Local library was next option! But they have AT LEAST a 3-month wait for them. Drat. So, pay the price if I want to read it seems the best solution unless I can get my panties out of a bunch and just WAIT.

I could pay for the Kindle version. Not only would this reduce books (Because who wants to BUY more books when they get rid of 150 of them?), but it would be green! No more clutter! No more waste! I just think that digital copies of books should be cheaper than physical copies. And they aren’t. On Amazon the books are often more expensive digital! Ooof. Anyone want to send me some books to read? I literally have none…

I’ve been married for 228 days. Nope. I don’t keep a running tally; I just calculated it really quick. Time flies.

And I am ridiculously happy to be married to the man that I am. He has dinner done by the time I get home. He helps with the house work. He understands my insane desire to go shopping at my favorite resale shop. He teases and taunts me about my book-devouring habits. He’ll give his honest opinion about whatever. He loves the curly hair. The random wacky glasses. The curly eyebrows. The fact that I mistook lip plumper for lip gloss and complained that my lips were literally on fire.

Yep. There are some things that I’m super happy about. And this ring on my finger is a reminder of him, more than anything. I think he did pretty good with that ol’ rock 😉 I think I might keep it. And him.