Once upon a husband’s birthday, I decided to take the day off and bake delicious things in the kitchen the entire day. It was 100 degrees outside, and I was DETERMINED. The plan was to make up enough homemade cinnamon rolls to bring to his work for a morning treat.

I *promise* I’ll get to the pizza monkey bread creation in a second. You just need to know the back story first!

So I looked at The Pioneer Woman’s Cinnamon Roll recipe. The recipe says it makes 8. Figuring that not many people were at DH’s work on a Tuesday morning, I just doubled the recipe.

Yeah. Word of caution: This recipe does NOT make 8. I made them slightly smaller than the recipe said, and I ended up with 30-40 cinnamon rolls per batch. Two batches would have RUINED me.

Instead of rolling out the other dough, I split it into multiple containers and tossed it in the freezer to use up later.

I pulled out the last container that I had left of this dough and decided to make PIZZA MONKEY BREAD. <— see! I finally got to the point. šŸ™‚

If you have a favorite pizza dough recipe, bread recipe, or some sort of easy-rise yeast recipe… use it. I do highly recommend The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon roll dough, though, for a decadent twist šŸ˜‰

Step 1:

I got the dough out of the freezer and let it sit to defrost/come to room temperature.


Once at room temperature, I grabbed a little ball of dough and flattened it in my hand. Like so…


Then I layered on some ingredients (seriously…anything will do! I highly recommend sauces. While they are a bit messy at times to close up in the dough, they come out SO AMAZING when baked!). I used muenster cheese, salami, chicken and grated cheddar. It’s what we had on hand šŸ˜‰

(I know the next photo shows that I put the sauce on LAST, but it really is SO much easier to close it if you put the sauce on FIRST!)


Then close up the ball by pulling the edges in and pinching the dough closed.


Place in a greased pan. You can put it in just about anything, but I really like the traditional look of a bundt!


When you get a full ring, melt a few tablespoons of butter in a container, add some fresh garlic/garlic powder, and brush the dough thoroughly. And then just keep layering them in a circle off-set as you go. Keep in mind to brush between layers!


When you get done with the dough, LET IT RAISE. I sat mine on the counter for about an hour. It puffed up beautifully.

Once you’re happy with the height, melt a few tablespoons more butter, then drizzle it over the top (I think I did 2-3 tbsp here).

Sprinkle with more garlic salt and some italian seasoning.


Pop into a pre-heated oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes (you’ll want to check on it after the 25 minute mark to make sure it’s not burnt! And to see how much longer it needs). 10 minutes in, when it’s just barely beginning to brown, sprinkle with some parmesan cheese. And cracked pepper.


When golden, pull out and let cool a bit…

STEP 10:

After it’s cooled, turn onto a plate (why it’s so important to make sure your pan is greased!).

STEP 11:

Each section will pull apart SO easy. Serve with cheese and a side of tomato sauce, and EAT!