About Reese

I’m previously a writer of FindingReese, TheDIYNearlywed.com and TheDIYNearlywed.wordpress.com. Now that I’m a NEWLYWED, I thought I’d reconfigure things with a fresh start 🙂

So what’s there to say about me? I am a newlywed!

I married my Dear Husband (now-on referred to as DH in this blog) on 9-10-11. I DIY’d all of the items for the wedding with help from friends and family. It was a hectic year and a half (seriously, everyone thought I was insane for stockpiling 45 bags of fresh cranberries in the freezer), but everything turned out amazingly well. I’ll recap a few of the wedding things on this blog, but now that it’s over? I’m excited to just sink in to a new identity and finally call this blog my long-term home.

I’m hoping to just provide insight into my life at the moment. My gym routine, my weight loss efforts (I’m 27.2 lb. down and closing in on my ideal weight target!), my homemaking abilities, my frugal solutions to household problems, and most of all… my baking/cooking nights.

The blog will be a mishmash of things for the first few weeks while I settle in, but please don’t hesitate to contact me. I love reading notes from readers and I’ll get better at blogging once I learn how to manage my life post wedding!

Reese Ruiz (at) Yahoo (dot) com.

Happy DIYing!

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